AEC’s technical staff is experienced in providing solutions to hazardous waste problems and other special needs. We provide effective strategies to minimize industrial process waste and sustain a healthy work environment.

Our services entail:
- Hazardous Material and Waste Audits
- Emergency Business Plans and Hazardous Material Disclosures
- Employee Right-To-Know and Training Programs
- Waste Minimization and Reduction Programs (SB14)

  • Onsite Recycling/Recovery programs
  • Process Modifications and Material Substitutions

- Hazardous Waste Management

  • Safety Plan Review
  • Safety Plan Preparation
  • Employee Training
  • Field Assistance

- Design, Procurement, and Installation of Treatment Systems
- Secondary Containment Design and Installation

AEC also provides necessary documents for closure of property and solving site cleanup problems.

- Environmental Audits
- Preliminary Site Assessments (Phase I)
- Environmental Site Assessment and Soil Sampling (Phase II)
- Remedial Investigations and Implementation of Feasibility Studies (Phase III)
- Indoor Air Sampling and Vapor Intrusion Modeling

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