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Established in 1989, AEC chemical engineers provide environmental management services to all types of industries. Presently AEC assists electronic display device manufacturers to comply with the applicable state specific e-waste rules and regulations.

Manufacturers selling or planning to sell electronic display devices such as televisions, computer monitors, laptops, portable DVD players, etc. in various states must abide by state specific e-waste rules and regulations to avoid any enforcement action. Since there are no federal e-waste regulations or guidelines in place at this time, e-waste rules and regulations enforced by various states vary substantially.

At this time, 21 separate states have enacted legislation regarding the disposal of electronic waste. Other states are in the process of adopting e-waste regulations. The vast majority of these regulations place the burden of recycling obsolete electronics onto electronic device manufacturers.

Some of the requirements imposed on manufacturers include:

Monthly and yearly recordkeeping
Development and implementation of an electronics recycling plan
Recycling obsolete electronics
Annual report submittal

AEC can assist your business in meeting all of these requirements in the most cost effective and environmentally responsible manner. Please visit the News section of our web-site for a comprehensive list of upcoming requirements.

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