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 Food Processing

 Ace Clearwater Enterprises


 Coca-Cola Bottling Company

 Barry Controls Aerospace


 Frito-Lay, Inc.

 Hughes Aircraft Company


 Grande Foods, Inc.

 Jet Propulsion Laboratory


 J&J Snack Foods

 March Air Force Base


 Puritan Bakery

 Northrop Grumman Space Technology


 Romero’s Food Products, Inc.

 Shur-Lok Corporation


 Vons, Jersey Maid, Safeway

 TRW Inc.


 Maruchan Inc.



 Marukome U.S.A.






 Amoco Foam Products Co.

 Ambrit Industries, Inc.


 Canon Business Machines, Inc.

 Arrow Diecasting


 Ceradyne, inc.

 California Die Casting, Inc.


 Hutchinson Seal Corporation

 Columbia Pacific Aluminum, Inc.


 Liberty Manufacturing, Inc.

 Commonwealth Aluminum


 Lippert Components, Inc.

 Dynacast, Inc.


 Plasticolor Molded Products, Inc.

 Grover Products Company


 PQ Corporation

 Hayes Lemmerz, Inc.


 Proctor & Gamble Company, Inc.

 Indalex West


 SP Systems, Inc. (Ferro Corp.)

 Vista Metals Corp.


 Standard Concrete Products, Inc.

 Universal Metal Plating


 Oldcastle Precast Inc.



 Morgan Corporation

 Coating Operations


Oil and Gas Production

Advance Truck Painting


 Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Onshore LP

Akzo Nobel Coatings


 Mobile Exploration and Production, Inc.

 Ditty Container, Inc.


 West Newport Oil Company

 Lamps Plus, Inc.



 Marge Carson


 Power Generation

 Martin Container, Inc.


 California Rehabilitation Center

 Sherwood Shutters


 Carson Cogeneration Company

 Standard Cabinet Works, Inc.


 City of Riverside

 Therein & Company, Inc.


 City of Vernon

 Waste King, Inc., a Masco Company


 Mobile Exploration & Production, Inc

 1 Day Paint and Body


 Occidental College



 San Antonio Community Hospital



 Desert Hospital

 Charles Pankow Builders, Ltd.



 R&L Brosamer, Inc.



 Swinerton Builders


 CMC Printed Bag, Inc.

 Tutor-Saliba Corporation


Colby Poster Printing Company

 NMS Properties


 Creel Printing Company



 Diversified Printers, Inc.

 Allied Signal, Inc.


 LA Paper Box & Board Mills

 Northrop Grumman Space Technology



 Ortel Corporation



 Xponent Photonics Inc.


 American Apparel Knit & Dye

 Westinghouse Digital Electronics


 Bugle Boy Industries, Inc.



 California Shirt Printers, Inc.



 Edmund Kim Production Group

 Artesian Spas


 Giant Merchandising

 CABO Yachts, Inc.


 Guess ?, Inc.

 Cal Spas Inc.


 Lafayette Textile Industries LLC

Catalina Yachts


 LEKOS Dye and Finishing, Inc.

 Duffy Electric Boat Company


 Nyala Screen Printing, Inc.

 K.F. Fiberglass, Inc.


 Pacific Continental Textiles, Inc.

 National Environmental Fiberglass, LLC


 Spectra USA Print, Inc.

 Orozco International, Inc.



Performance Sport International. Inc.



 Sensation Spas



 SkipJack by Invader Marine, LLC



 Unlimited Products



 U.S. Tooling & Spas, Inc.



















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