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General Information
AEC's 20 years of experience enables us to provide our customers with practical and economic methods for testing air quality and scientifically proven methods for improving air quality and maintaining compliance to the many industry standards. 

  Our services entail:    
Emissions Inventories Development
New Source Review (NSR) Project Fulfillment
Air Permit Applications Preparation and Approval
Regional Clean Air Incentives Market (RECLAIM Compliance strategies)
  • Trading Services for Buying and Selling RECLAIM Trading Credits (RTCs)
  • Baseline Emissions Audits
  • Technical/Economic Planning for RECLAIM compliance
  • Computerized Systems for recording, data validating, and transmission of emissions reports
  • Process review and control technology analysis
  • Engineering design and process modifications to reduce emissions
Title V Permit Preparation
Regulatory Liaison (SCAQMD and other air districts)
Assess Emissions Control Technology to satisfy “Best Available Control
Technology” (BACT) and Best Available Retrofit Control Technology” (BARCT)
Air Toxics Program Management
  • Air Toxic Emission Inventory Plan
  • Air Toxic Emission Inventory Report
Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) and Air Dispersion Modeling
Air Toxics Reporting for SARA Title III
Source Testing and Sample Analysis Programs
Variance Hearings Preparation and Assistance
Computer Aided Environmental Management Services
Facility Air Quality Compliance Audits
Provide Engineering Design and Selection of Air Pollution Control Equipment
  and Related Systems
Proposition 65 Compliance Determination and Assistance
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