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Air Toxics Risk Management
AEC assists industries to determine air toxics emissions and comply with health risk assessment requirements:

Compliance with California’s air toxics laws:  
  • Air Toxics “Hot Spots” (AB 2588)
  • Proposition 65
  • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
  • Risk Management and Prevention Program

Compliance with regional, state, and federal permit application requirements for health

  effects screening.  
Estimation of air toxics emissions.  
Source testing for air toxics emissions  
Preliminary analysis using SCREEN and PTPLU models (Required for most air  
Refined analysis using the ISCST3, COMPLEX-1, SHORTZ, and AERMOD models   
  (Required for Health Risk Assessments or when preliminary analysis indicates high  
Multi-pathway health risk assessment for Maximum Individual Cancer Risk (MICR) and  
  excess cancer burden.  
Computerized Isopleths plotting.  
Determination of toxic material usage limits, control equipment requirements, and/or  
  stack design requirements to reduce health risk.  
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