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Regional Clean Air Incentives Market
RECLAIM sets a limit on facility-wide emissions and allows each facility to determine the most cost-effective controls.  Typical services that AEC provides include: 

Create, Certify and Sell Emission Credits.
Keeping you informed on regulatory requirements and how RECLAIM will affect your
  facility’s operations
Auditing of RECLAIM calculations to assure accurate RECLAIM allocations
Source testing
Technical and economic planning for meeting RECLAIM emission limits
Engineering of emission controls and process modifications to reduce emissions
Installation of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and Continuous
  Process Monitoring Systems (CPMS)
Computerized System for recording, data validation, and transmission of emissions
  AEC also provides the following trading services for buying and selling Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs) and RECLAIM Trading Credits (RTCs):
Monitoring of emissions reports to advise whether RTCs should be bought or sold.
Access to SCAQMD electronic bulletin board to obtain RTC availability and price
Confidential third party listing of RECLAIM Trading Credits at client’s discretion.
Projections on future trends of the RTC trading market.
Advice on the best prices.
Completion of all transaction documentation for the SCAQMD.
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