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At Advanced Environmental Controls (AEC), Consulting and Engineering Services, Inc. our business team is comprised of chemical engineers who have obtained bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees from leading universities.  Our engineers have experience in every aspect of environmental compliance with local, state and federal regulating agencies and our client base covers nearly every type of industry subject to these agencies.  Since our knowledge of environmental compliance is so extensive and we have done business in many types of industry, AEC is able to provide fast, diligent and reliable services and solutions to our customers with the highest of quality.

At AEC we pride ourselves not only on the quality of service that we provide, but also as important, on the relationship we maintain with each of our clients.  Although a portion of AEC’s work comes from individual projects from newly acquired clients, we have worked with many of our clients over a long period of time and have developed a strong business as well as personal relationship with each company.

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